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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Outing to Melilas, Ulu Belait

This is my first uploads for this month, I really caught the lazy blues and I'm not really sure why!
Last month, 30 May - 1 June 2009 - the guys decided to spent the long weekend (public holiday due to hari jadi askar) 4 wheel-ing to Melilias then take a boat ride to Ingai Hot water spring. Well! that was the initial planned.

I was told the drive to Melilas will takes approximately, 5 to 6 hours depending on the weather. Stayed over night at Melilas's Long house before departing to Ingai the next day. The boat ride will takes another 5 hours and depending on the weather & the depth of the river.

We were looking for the trip...organising this trip is not easy especially the long gruesome journey to Melilas.

Did I mentioned that they are about 13 of us, all from diverse background. 3 expatriates from USE, Oman & Canadian and the rest are all fun loving and adventure junkie from Brunei Shell.

This was the route that we took...

Meet up the guys at Sg. Liang...for a quick briefing on the journey

Interviewed by RTB, KB for Rampai Pagi as usual become the spoke person for the group

Recital of the doa prior to our departure.....

The long journey to Kg. Sukang

Resting..before heading off to Rumah Panjang Biadong for lunch.

Rumah Panjang Biadong

Lunch at the Rumah Panjang...this is my first glim at the rumah panjang. Really forget to count how many doors or rather how many rooms....are there.

Surprise to see only old folks are there to jaga the rumah. We were told that most of the residence are away either to KB or Seria to celebrate Gawai with their families.....

Panji2 Brunei tattooed on his arm.

Azfri, a showing me a sample of sedimentary rock

Trying to create new route around the steep down hill

With the help of two navigators & one supervisor (up the hill..heheheeheh) the driver managed to manoeuvre himself down the hill. It is really a tricky situation. If going down is difficult what about going up?

Clearing the path....through the thick dense secondary jungle...eheheh

Did not realised the lubang is really deep....

Towing the land rover - fortunately, the driver & the car was alrite!

Another sticky situation....really need a good navigator to help the driver manoeuvre up the hill

Finally, arrived at Melilias Long house

Renni, was totally exhausted..heheeheh

Amir showing-off his 'muscles' hehehehe

The jetty at Sg. Melilas which leads to rumah panjang Melilas

The clinic located not far from the rumah panjang