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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Braving d' bajir at barek lorong 3, Seria

....... this morning heard on the radio that several places including KB being hard hit by flash flood and the worst area affected- Barek Lorong 3, Seria. Penghulu Mukim, Seria in his radio interview outlines the government effort to help those affected by the flood.

I was 'emotionally' excited after hearing the radio my mind ani a great story for my blog..eheheheh teruja tarus. So accompanied by my trusted companion Miss Niki, Mr Croc and offcourse my heavy duty (banjir proof) brand new Cx7, will try to brave the banjir for a sensational story....

Jalan Tengah, not far from OGDC

Brunei Shell houses...

The only time I saw Jalan Tengah gravely affected by flood was in 2000

Traffic jam leading out to Seria by-pass. Dont think I can get to Barek Lorong 3, through this road. So I turn around and take the back road ...

I left my car at perumahan Lorong 3, which is a stone throw away from Barek Lorong 3, Seria. Walking to the barek is aint easy...esp. with the high water level.
Mental note to myself...bali inflatable raft...ehehehe

Some bareks are worst hit than the others depend on the location of the bareks....I wish I could get a closer look! unfortunately, I dont think I'm dress for this occasion..

Mr. Croc..pinjam from by brother....a good way to scare away crocs & snakes..eheheheheh kira bapa buaya...

really sympathize with the families affected by the flood..s Year after year, the same thing happens..havent these people had enough. Who should be blame for this? is it poor choice of location, drainage, etc...Something should be done by relevant authorities to prevent this from happening again.

Its not the flood that intrigue me..but its the abandon barek which was gutted by fire couple of years ago. Should these bareks be renovate or demolish?.. instead its been left abandon for years. Which pose a health & safety hazard to the families staying near by, tall grasses & sampah sarap an ideal habitat for rats, snakes, etc.....Jangan karang ada org bemara because of these issues than baru tah sibuk and start blaming each other....and its a safe heaven for drug addicts....Only relevant authority have the answer!

You can imagine how high is the water level

The road in front of Panaga police station is not Mr Flood..eheheh

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Makan at Rampaisari, BSRC

This afternoon I feel like belanja-ing the guys. Occasion? non whatsoever...just feel like doin' it (at the back of my head congratulating the guys (part-tymers) for passing their A-levels, chinese new year, etc, etc...)...

As the rest of the guys will be playing futsal at BSRC @7.45pm, so why not we makan-makan at Rampaisari, BSRC (I havent been there for sometime...I heard the foods was nice and just want to find out banar or not) while waiting for the guys main futsal...its not easy to get everybody together.

Oh! yeah! did I mentioned that I'm taking a 2 days sick leave...may be belanja-ing makan would ease my penyakit..eheheheheh A C C for her A 'level'.....congrats....

as usual the guys with their different kerenah....heeheheh

(L) Hilmy..ex-OGDCian..still close to our heart. (R) Abg Adib...

Power food....fuel for the body..ehheheeh getting ready for futsal...

the OGDCians...I will truly missed each & everyone of them...Hope, the new Head of OGDC will take care of develop & nurture them

important trademark of OGDCians..the love of food...they will never missed any invitation when it comes to food...

I was really shocked..eheheh..the guys celebrated by birthday...(belated) heeheheheh...1 year old....

I am supposed to cut it into pieces and distribute it...instead i ate it myself...hahahahahaah lain kali bali yang basar...thank you! thank you! thank you!

Exams Result

Those who passed their 'O' & 'A' Level with flying colours....CONGRATULATION....You have worked hard and now you can reap the benefits....





Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Goodbye OGDC!

Almost 6 years in OGDC now its time for me to move on...but havent made a final decision yet. Will keep on updating on the status of my 'transfer' from OGDC to .....

Yesterday, I was interviewed by CHMS, KB students on what it takes to be Head of OGDC. My response are;

- anybody can be the Head of OGDC off course you need have a degree preferable in engineering
- passionate about science (this is really important!)
- a strategic thinker
- very creative & innovative
- multi skills (from a graphic designer, facilitator, ....entreprenuer)
- dedicated & committed and willing to work extra hours (24 - 7)
- adventurous & an outdoor person
- good PR
and one most important factor is caring and knowing your community

to be continue

Sunday, January 25, 2009

OGDC Ignite the spark

I was reading today newspaper and saw an article in Borneo Bulletin today by Liza Mohd on the Orientation & Motivational workshop for AAC's year 7 student...I received several calls asking about the progs and how it was run....let me start at the beginning..

When I first started this prog., the thought was to help students to be interested in learning science & maths..taking into account the no. of students taking these subjects are declining. As a science centre, we can do something to help. So I developed a prog. called Ignite the spark (may be I might change the name....) and the best place to try the prog is non other than AAC, why you might ask?
- Firstly, of the low percentage of passes in science and maths
- and it's just a stone throw away ( easy access for teachers & students to OGDC...)

Below are an excerpt from my working paper....

Oil & Gas Discovery Centre (OGDC), as a science centre plays a pivotal role in educating, exciting and motivating students to ‘love’ science. In line with this, OGDC in collaboration with Anthony Abell College, Seria initiate a project called ‘Ignite the Spark’, which hopes to instill and ignite interest in learning and the love of science amongst students and teachers and at the same time developing essential skills, good values and attitudes as aspired by SPN 21 (Sistem Pendidikan Negara Abad ke 21), Ministry of Education, Brunei Darussalam.


- Cultivating interest in learning sciences, ICT and mathematic amongst students
- Increasing the number of students taking science and math subjects and hence encouraging more students to take-up careers in Engineering, Geologist, etc.


Science is in everything we see, use, and do. It explains how the world works and it teaches us to reason, question, test, problem solve, and think creatively. Science is not just for the future researchers, technologists, or engineers of the world—it’s for every student.
Ignite the Spark is a pilot project for teachers and students aimed in sharing OGDC’s experiences in Hands-on & Minds-on approach in science education through interactive exhibits and science enrichment activities.
With the new education system introduced by the Ministry of Education – SPN21 Sistem Pendidikan Negara Abad ke 21, Ignite the Spark project will certainly help to complement the Ministry’s objectives in developing teachers and students knowledge and skills in learning;
• Science
• Mathematics

The framework below is specifically for teachers...I did not include framework for students in this post.

Note: This is a 3 years prog. and divided into several stages..including teachers., students & ....

Orientation & Motivation workshop for AAC year 7 students
Saturday, 24 January 2009

Welcoming speech by the Principal, Cikgu Rahagi

Ck Audry, brief the students on who are your ice breaking activity that we develop. Prior, to the students' orientation workshop we have conducted a workshop for teachers on how to facilitate the progs and what activities to be conducted. I have used the approach "train the trainers"..whereby, these activities are to be conducted by the teachers themselves (after the workshop these teachers should have the skills and competency) and our (OGDC) role is to make sure things run smoothly.

This is an ice breaking enable students to get to know each other and to create a harmonious and friendly atmosphere

This is one of the activity participated by the students

I have included Tech. Challenge as part of the prog. Tech. Challenge prog. is a good way to promote team work amongst students. Students will be able to learnt the value of team work, leadership skills, communication skills, etc

Students trying to be creative.....this is what you call thinking outside the box

Team work is an important ingredient in developing a successful team...a team with vision & mission...

Judging time...the 'oil rig' was judged base on height and the total amount of weight it can support

Group activity...the students definitely love it...

Hj Mahmud & Ronald from Brunei Shell Asia Pacific Learning Hub help us in conducting the 2nd part of the workshop

Orientation & Motivation workshop for AAC year 7 students

**** Will post a story on AAC orientation & motivation workshop...later ******

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Madam Tiff's Birthday Bash

For the past couple of life is so huru hara..with so many things goin' on, I couldnt even concentrate on one particular thing, just like the weather nowaday....seriously need a stress free activities......

Last Friday, 23 Jan dash off to bandar with sidekicks (Nonnie, Liza & hubby) for Madam Tiff's 44th surprise birthday the new Serikandi restaurant & cafe, kiulap. Initially, promised the sidekicks to pick them up at about 4.00pm..doin' a bit of shopping, roaming around town...making graffitti here & there..hehehehe but unfortunately, we had high level visitors visiting us (OGDC) and ended leaving the office quarter to 5pm..

Happy 44th Birthday Madam Tiff semoga panjang umur & murah rezeki....

this is why we are here for..hehehehehehe......after a long journey from KB..the beautiful presented buffet does make one's hungry...

Birthday cup cakes created by Mrs Bunny Pablo...for this special occasion. A cupcakes to die for...can't wait for Pablo to sedakah one box to me..heehheeheheheh. Honestly, I havent seen Mrs Bunny Pablo...only tasted her cup cakes & cakes...she must look sweet as her cup cakes..ehhehehehe...

Alin & wandi...orang kuat

My name is Bond...Pablo Bond...eheheheh...(from Left) Liza, Nonnie & cutey Maurina

Ladies to die for..heehhehehehe

madam tiff's sure look shock! hahahah its a definite surprise party for her...

Blessing ceremony.........heheeheh kira 'click-click' dulu baru boleh makan...

Wandi...if you take my udang I eat you..ehhehehe

its a ritual...take photograph before eating your food..its a technique for those goin' on that the next can count your calories...ehehheeh

as usual Liza...winning the lucky draw...every function she attended she definitely win somethings...and E from Foodietales...looking back in anger..heheehheeh

Ranoadidas....dont think he needs introduction....

Kumpulan 69...a local comedians

is it a trend that...most comedians duo work in the police force. If I'm not mistaken in the 80's there's a famous comedian duo i think their names Gilin & Hamid or something..they do rock Brunei scene....those days..

The kurapakians & the arab twins...