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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Beach Cleaning Campaign 2008

Preparation for Beach Cleaning Campaign Date: Friday, 1 February 2008
Date: Friday, 1 February 2008

The team (OGDCians) & the Green Envoy (comprising of ex students from SMSA) - make a last minit check at Taman Jubliee, kuala belait before the cleaning campaign this sunday. The Green Envoy has make a bold move in initiating a beach cleaning campaign.. and they are not afraid in getting their hands dirty in ensuring we live in a polluted free environment..I salute you!!! I hope this initiative would become a model for the rest of other students or youth not only to cleaning up our environment but also involved in activities that benefit the community.

Our role in OGDC is only to give directions, motivation & moral support.

Member of the Green Envoy...arriving for the meeting at Taman Jubliee

Sharon, Shawazni & Yazid....

The team checking the stage preparing for the performance

.....the team ready for Sunday campaign

Safarul & Aiman....a keen environmentalist

...kuat jua angin ani...abis tia rambut ku

The team inspecting the beach

Hilmy...profession a model & actor...

.....hanya belakun dalam movie2 klassik.. watak yang di gemari...sebagai wanita jalanan dan jejaka samseng.... heehehehh Watchout Hilmy in action on 9 Feb 2008@ BSRC.

Aiman...cita-cita untuk menjadi seorang Imam yang terkenal..yang mahir dalam sunat menyunat...

Shaikh Khalid from Arab Families....saw him jogging at the beach.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

1st KB Bloggers Nite

Saturday, 26 January 2008 @8.00pm

....the 1st bloggers nite was held at Serikandi Restaurant (a few minits ago), while others enjoying themselves to the sound of gambus..I had to leave early to get my beauty sleep and at the same time update my blog before any of the blogger does...ehehehheehhe....eventhough my photos not as canggih as the others but it fresh from the oven...heheh another way to say it...masih panas

......after tonite' I must bali camera seems everybody even kanak2 secubit have CANON 400D...arghhhhhh!!!! jeles ler aku. Insyallah...before the the next bloggers get-together I should have a good decent professional camera...eheheheh paksa ku lelong c Froggie to get enough money to buy new camera...

....d nite started with welcoming speech by Liza Mohd (I arrived late so not sure what she's was saying), then by Shaikh Khalid from Arab family and followed by majlis makan2..ehehehh my gawd! the foods are plentiful and totally nyaman berabis..those who missed the d'nite will greatly regrets it..for the rest of their life..hehehe

ps:...I didnot even win any lucky draw.....ada kah patut!!! :)

Group photo...cant delete the KB happening trade mark..kedapatan tia ku curi dari blog c Liza Mohd eheheheh.. your greatness keep himself low-profile...ia tah betapuk d belakan

Mr & Mrs Jurin ...from jurin blogspot. The canon 400D on the table is for sale very

Speech by Senior Pablo.....(my camera not as canggih I would like it to be)

Anak Brunei...this is the 2nd time we met...

Liza Mohd..showing-off her tiger print designer clothes she bought from garage the way the man is her hubby....

Kamarul from Simpur Blogging Nation...delivering his welcoming speech

...the bloggers enjoying the nite

I havent got the chance to 'flirt' with them...ahhhhhhh!!!!! nanti ku cari apa blog durang a waitress menjaga buah..heheheheh

Your greatness & stella..I should have stop taking 'steroid'

Muaz...not a blogger but only there for the food and bila kanyang left like nyamuk..ehehehehehehe (relative of Arab family)

the rojak food station...yump! yump!

the station...

Laksa Penang food station

the dessert food station...

*wink* *wink* *wink*

Badi Lattif...a young professional blogger...

Stella &! havent got the chance to know the rest of the gals

PMY & family...(not a blogger) enjoying the fiesta

Dancing to the gambus...

(from left) Qamaruz, Liza & Safarul....

Liza..heeheh you look pregnant.....heeheheh get rid of that horrendous dress..heeheheh

Winner of the game...receiving his prize from Kamarul... dearest cuzen...showing off his white teeth....

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Preparation for HD Emblem

24 January 2008

HD Emblem is just round the corner and as usual the OGDCians were in popular demand to perform ..This year performance will gerenti rock BSRC....dont forget watch our aspiring actors & actress in action...on the 9 Feb 2008

help! help! help!.....aku nda mahu arghhhhhhhhhh.............

...cute ler aku ani....rambut ku kan sama dgn rambut Liza Mohd ehehheeh

actors from the filem "gorilla & serial killer"

Cruellea....look alike

Helmi..How I wish to be a Woman....

Monday, January 21, 2008

Wet, Xtreme & Wild Party

Monday, 21 January 2008 first party for the year 2008, infact my first party since ...may be since the dinosaurs era..hahah dat's long. The journey to the 'party' heaven was not without hiccups...travelling from bandar after two meetings was really tiring but caught in a long traffic jam (at tungulian) for nearly half an!!!!. My initial thought a road accident...but its only a road block..

Road block.....

a very long queue...heading to Bandar..

Aziul (white tshirt) Amir.. scooter siapa yang ko curi ani....

the onlookers...not daring to wild & sexy..eheheheehehhe

hahah....bro Reny member of the wild bunch 'party till you drop' heheheh

...terkenang semasa dahulu....

...this is goin' to really wild....more water pls!!! dear...looked ravishing as ever you know the best place kan buat facial kah?

xtreme bouncing - a must for every occasion


a refreshing view.... :)

Zalehani aka Leha...your greatness you are the best...heheheeh

....difference techniques to slide


Leha again..ehheehheh

wet & wild party gals....

..bro Amir and the mafia...eheheheheh