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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Travel Fairs & bomba Shell HLP

What a day...been under the weather for 2 days now..may be terkajutan after joining Bomba Brunei Shell Healthy Life Style prog. (HLP) not the aerobic exercise but rather the physical fitness exercise Level 1 & Level 2. I was puffing the entire shows how physically unfit I am. My gawd! I really need to get physical..watching the Punisher sure make you extremely physical..hehehehehe but not recommend for those suffering from mental anxiety..gerenti bematian jelama....:)

This morning, quite difficult to get out of bed (demam), just guling-guling & tungang-tungang liat TV..almost forgot that I have to pick-up Miss Poochie from the saloon after waxing & polishing. When I was about to bayar Miss Poochie grooming services..I was shocked to see the bill which amount to B$180.00....bankrupt! next time I'll do the grooming myself...

I had an several hours to kill before my meeting with AAC's principal & DP on the Leadership prog and team building activites... so drop by at OGDC and see what's happening at the Travel fair and bazaar organise by Brunei Shell Ladies (BSLA) and at the same time trying my new 3rd party speedlight.

Charity Bazaar organised by Brunei Shell Ladies (BSLA), proceed from the sales will be donated to tabung rakyat Palestine.

A renowned Brunei batik artist participating in the Charity Bazaar

Haidi & wife..buying tickets for their 2nd honeymoon heheheheeh....

participating travel agents busy entertaining their customers. If I am not mistaken this is the 3rd year such travel fair being organised at OGDC

Wheel of fortune..not sure how it works. Will find out tomorrow.

The infamous notorious Abd. Halim from Abacus and a dear friend...

Ros from Freme Travel agent and member of Arab Families clan

selling balloons....ehehehheheeh

Budak gauk - Alimin ex ogdc an undergrad at UBD.

KB Skaters....sorry bros forgot your names

Body painting...

Adib...relaxing while eating free ice cream

Ali & Tesa....

Storm Troopers...on the loose & terrorizing innocent tickets buyer..ehehehehehehehh. They sure pull the crowd in

HLP with Bomba Shell

The firefighters....

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Belia Cinta Tanah Air 2009 - Purih Bangsa Berjiwa Patriotik

A total of 35 participants from Tutong, Temburong & Brunei Muara districts participated the the 3rd Phase of the 4th Belia Cinta Tanah Air Prog. for Belait Deistrict from 24 - 27 Feb. 2009.

During the 4 days program participants participate in various activities organised by Culture Youth & Sports, Belait District, which include religious activities, living with foster parents, visits Oil & Gas Discovery Centre (OGDC), Seria and participating in Malam Menajam Minda, held at Dewan Kemasyarakatan Kg. Pandan, Kuala Belait.

Malam Menajam Minda Rabu, 25 Feb. 2009

Dewan Kemasyarakatan Kg. Pandan, Kuala Belait

The prog. for the night kick-off with welcoming speech by Ck. Mohd Rajap, from Jabatan Sekolah-sekolah followed by the recital of syair by participants. The prog. was concluded by ceramah on 'Kedewasan Bernegara' conducted by Information Dept., Prime Minister's Office.

Cikgu Mohd. Rajap - nama pena Anjung Sri Buana

(Jubli Perak Hari Kebangsaan)

Bruneiku, sayangku
Inilah tanah air yang paling kucintai
Bumi yang baik,
Samudera syahadah.

Bruneiku, sayangku
Inilah tanah air yang paling ku sayangi
Tiada dua, pun tiga dan tiada taranya.
Inilah watan kita, rumah kita
dan bumi yang mesti dicinta
oleh setiap warga, tidak kira apa bangsa dan agama.

Bruneiku, sayangku
Di sini, di bumi bertuah ini
pantang kita derhaka pada tanah air merdeka
yang telah dibina oleh patriot bangsa
yang doa dan semangatnya tak pernah tumbang
demi maruah bangsa terbilang.

Sesungguhnya teguhkan keyakinanmu membumi
Inilah bumi yang baik,
Ini bumi yang cantik
Inilah bumi yang subur
Inilah bumi yang makmur
Inilah bumi yang mewah,
Inilah bumi yang paling dicinta
Tiada dua, pun tiga dan tiada taranya.

Sesungguhnya, seisi alam ini satu anugerah
Langitnya adalah payung kita
Udaranya adalah nafas kita
Hawanya adalah hidup kita
Samudera lautnya adalah kita semua

Yang - Merdeka dalam kedaulatan
Yang - Merdeka dalam keberkatan
Yang - Merdeka dalamkemakmuran
Yang - Merdeka dalam ketenteraman
Yang - Merdeka dalam keselamatan
Yang - Merdeka dalam kedewasaan.

Bruneiku, sayangku
sesaat dan setiap hari
demi negara bermaruah
kita berdiri mengakar yakin
di menara kemerdekaan melanjutakan laila bakti
demi kemakmuran pertiwi
mengukir sejarah gemilang.

Anjung Sri Buana
Kuala Belait
Brunei Darussalam

Welcoming speech by Cikgu Mohd Rajap, from Jabatan Sekolah-sekolah

Ceramah by representative from Information Dept, Prime Minister's Office on Kedewasan Bernegara

Tunas bangsa berjiwa Patriotik

Beautiful ladies

Bollat and Maqnun from Jabatan Belia & Sukan, Belait.

Participants...waiting for the ceremony to start

Invited guests

The organising committees

Participant reciting the syair

It takes me quite a while to remember who is he (the guy in the middle)..he turns out to be Hafizah's brother. heeheheh..

Visits to Oil & Gas Discovery Centre (OGDC), Seria

Wed, 25 Feb. 2009

trying out the mindball...

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Goodbye OGDC

I dont really know what to write at the moment....masa ani if my brain froze! May be too much time spent lazing around doin' nothin'. Now! really have to force myself to spent a little bit of times to write about my farewell beach party & OGDCians reunion.

The guys did a fantastic job in organising my farewell beach party at Angle beach, Tutong and at the same time inviting the ex ogdcians to join in the party;unfortunately, some couldnt make......for one reason or another.. One more an ex boss wants..except spending quality times with fellow OGDCians who have work hard helping to build what OGDC as it is now!

The guys...before 'departing' to Angle beach...eheheheheh

Angle beach located about 3km from Pantai Seri Kenangan. An exquisite place for a get together.....

The guys...kelaparan cos the chicken wings that are supposed to be BBQ tertinggal..hahahahahhah so ended up BBQing apa saja....

Side view...with the pondok2 for rehat & bersantai...

The chicken wings & 'jubur' aka. tungking finally arrived via DHL...eheheheheh. kalau lama kali d foods datang we might ended eating each others...

The terrorize....hahahahaha they do anything for a kill!

Kill or be killed...eheheheh

One down and 3 left...

Hafizah & Nisa....


Hilfi lazing around...with paparazzi standing by are surrounded. give us your clothes..eheheheh

Tesa...another victim of the water gun terrorize

hahahah...Matul. Kelaparan....

AJ...terkenang semasa dulu

really cheerish this moment...its not easy to get everybody (or half of us) together.

fatality during the shootout. Iatah nah...main tembak2 inda pakai selipar. Najib. got slight cut at his toe..


Haziq & Bebeng


a ritual take photo of you food before you eat it.... a teacher at AAC

Climbing the fake wall...eheheheh

Seri Malati & Salwani.....ex ogdc staffs

the water gun terrorize learning how ambush & capture victim at the beach

OGDC...explore new possibilities

The victim...hahahah...captured and thrown at sea

another shoot out...

Aiman menangis & teriak2 kelaparan...hahahah

Celebrating Aiman & Ain's birthday....

nazmi...trying to pull his lidah with thong...

Ain & farah..

OGDCians....this is not a good bye will surely organised another one....