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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

OGDC Science Talk - Nano Technology

Oil & Gas Discovery Centre (OGDC)
will be organising a Science Talk on Nano Technology on Friday, 2 May 2008 at OGDC Theatre. The talk will be conducted by Dr. Tennakoon from Univerisiti Brunei Darussalam. The talk is open to public. (Free Entrance)

The talk will discuss the interesting properties shown by nanoparticles such as light scattering, coloured fluorescence in metal and semiconductor nanoparticles, novel electrical and magnetic properties, extremely high surface areas and unusual mechanical strength. The talk will also deal with the current and potential applications of these paticles leading on to the technology based on them, nanotechnology It will conclude with a consideration of the potential for novel technologies based on nanoparticles.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Treking to Bukit Shahbandar

Today as part of OGDC healthy life style programme (HLP) I decided to bring the OGDCians to Bukit Shahbandar. This is part of our routine programmes ( 2 or 3 times a week) to ensure that each and everyone is fit, healthy and stress free...hahahah but after that makan berabis. The guys really love food and they never can have enough..cut them from their food the sure suffer...the HLP is another way of saying exercise..exercise..exercise!!!!

I did proposed to Cikgu Hj Ishak (PJN TP) for OGDC to have a friendly street soccer match with the PJN teachers or gangsters but unfortuntately all of us are really may be next time. Kalau lawan the PJN gangsters gerenti durang kalah and they will get very emotional...hehehehe

greeting our arrival ...a monkey named Alimin

warming up session before the hike!

the guys are already far ahead but the gals & some guys are still struggling...

hahahah Hafizah crawling to climb the stairs..ehheeheh

resting after a long climb...

climbing seems we have 1 extra people joining us..

...happily posing on top of the 3 hills

Awas! kayu mati diatas <>

Dr. Tan from UBD a frequent hiker to Bukit Shahbandar....

Adib & Hilmy...trying to catch the monkey

my gawd! the guys are really hungry...thanks to Fadillah for the foods & drinks...

Najib promoting the donut...

As usual...makan time..

the only stall selling the largest tungking
not sure if you can get any bigger tungking than this..probably ostrich butt must be bigger heheheh

time to go home and stop lepaking...

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Wasai Telingan - Rampayoh

Wow!!!!...what a day today, never thought i would be back alive..eheheh (sound very dramatic). The story goes like this..

..initially I'm a bit hesitant to go for jungle trekking as last nite I was told to be on standby due to certain emergency (hush! hush! for now)...and I have a function at lunch time. Well! what the heck just go..have fun & enjoy the beautiful weather. Meet the rest of the guys at about 7.30am at Taman Rekreasi Sg. Liang (got there a bit late..'cos contemplating to go or not) and then we are on our way....

To cut the story short...half way trekking I was really exhausted so decided to take a sipped of 100 plus..a few seconds after that starting to feel the back of my gawd!!! what I dying :). First thing first, better save Nikki (my nikon camera ler) and put her inside the bag..then after that baru tah pengsan..eheheh very materialistic. Luckily, the others were there to help.

On our actually fact the wasai is located not in Bukit Teraja but in Rampayoh.

convoy...following your greatness..heheeh

..we lost our way...nasib baik we got the right direction

distribution of food & drinks...for the trip

really shock to see 90% of the trekkers are ladies...what happen to the men?

getting ready...

heheheh the group...

its not as easy as one's thinks...

surprisingly the ladies do survive..eheheh

Zahrin showing to get water from the root of a tree..very interesting indeed. The taste of the water is similar as those from the stream. An important info...if you got lost in the jungle & without water sources nearby

we finally arrived at the for me I feel much better. I really need a good dip in the water to freshen-up

nasi lemak aka nasi eaten with frens & at the waterfall

the adventuress!

Your Greatness....bertapa under the waterfall...

kasut ku terlakap lagi...must buy new one...

catching bengkutut...(those who dont know what it is ask ur parent..)

the spider web...close-up shot

sunshine through the leaves...

surprise to see an abandon well...Belait -4. The well must have been explore in the ages ago..need to check the history

on our way back...

Attack of the is really painless

The gawd! I survived...

Saturday, April 26, 2008


I was dreaming of spending my saturday guling-guling on the bed, day dreaming and watch TV till my eyes pop out but instead...

..rushing-off to Labour department getting contracts for my amah & driver approved. Then dash to PJN Abu Bakar for a meeting with cikgu Marina, I was quite concern on the progress of the PJN gangsters in preparing for their presentation far none are even bother to asked or feedback on their progress... :( Hopefully, Cikgu Marina would be able to resolve this.

Honestly, we been trying hard to improve the gangsters presentation and communication skills which is paramount for their future development. I wish I could make them understand!!!!!... Guys please take this opportunity...if you miss this workshop don't think there will be another one..

My gawd!!!!...its been hectic today and later I have to prepare for tomorrow jungle trekking with the guys to Wasai Telingan (if I am not mistaken its somewhere near Bukit Teraja..)..

Cikgu Hj Ishak...share my concern in developing these students...

my eyes are wide open when I saw the word "Lots for Less"!!!!

Mutiara is specialty shop that sales furnitures, knick-knacks, etc from Bali, Tibet, China, Vietnam, etc...for those who loves oriental things this is the shop to go to. Situated on above of Pan Bright Travel agent...i.e 1st floor

statues on sale.....

currently some of the furnitures are no a very good discount

These are the two items I bought from Mutiara...a perfume bottle and a smoking pipe. I love the oriental 'dragon' design. From what I heard from the owner, they never have 2 items with the same design..(steady jua gambar ku ani macam pro udah..eheheheh)

Love to collect things that are me represent 'long term investment'

....after Mutiara when window shopping at The Body Shop, see what fish ** wink ** I can catch..

hehehe shopping kah? Tina from Megamas..

...who else I saw at The Body Shop?....ehheheeh

Ku tumbuk ko karang..ehehehhe...adang tah shopping ani...

A newly open branch of The Face

..I never try the product seems people really like it

oooo my gawd!!! poochie alternator belt putus..arghhhhhhh...not again!!!! paksa spent the rest of the afternoon at a workshop in seria. Luckily..all goes well!!!

Poochie taken a lazy to give her one..ehheeh

TelBru mega carnival...will be officially launch tomorrow 27 April 2008 at Dewan Bandaran Kuala Belait

Stall owner preparing for tomorrow launching...

Let's go and meriah kan the Carnival...Heard lots of activities for visitors

After Dewan Bandaran...I then 'navigate' my way to the Pasar Malam located at K.B taxi station...a happening place during weekend

...where else can you get traditional kueh - mueh if not in pasar malam...

saw familiar faces at the pasar malam...

sale!!!!!!! let see what they got for sales....

the prices are not bad but no money ler! to buy any...

Bump to Safarul...who! was stalking me...arghhhhhhh eheheheheh this was the shot taken by safarul using my camera.. heheeh not bad...shot. May be its the camera

Another shot by Safrul..not sure why he love the sky so much...ehheeh

ended-up lepaking with Safarul at Marilyn cafe...trying to invite Qamaruz to join us...but he rather chase after 'chicks' in lumut..hahahhaahh

Wow! KB is really buzy during weekend......