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Thursday, July 31, 2008

OGDC Tech. Challenge competition & AAC's Camp

The 3rd OGDC Tech. Challenge competition (preliminary) was held today at Brunei Shell Recreation Club (BSRC), Seria. 38 secondary schools participate in the preliminary round and only 10 schools with the highest points will proceed to the final round on Monday, 4 August 2008 at The Big Top, OGDC.

The winners will received
* 1st place - trophy & B$300.00
* 2nd place - trophy & B$200.00
* 3rd place - trophy & B$150.00

Wish I could post the top 10 finalist....will do it tomorrow....

Had a long chat with Cikgu Omar & Cikgu Asma from AAC..with regards to the 2 days & 1 nite camp (Kem pelajar menuju kecemerlangan) that will be organised from 23 - 24 Aug 2008 with the purpose to;
* Meningkatkan prestasi akademik pelajar kerarah kecemerlangan
* Melahirkan pelajar yang cemerlang dan berakhlak mulia
* Meningkatkan motivasi serta minat pelajar dalam menimba ilmu pengetahuan

In our long chat, we were on the topic of why some of the students did not do well in class. A survey was done to find out the reasons for their poor exam results...(students have to include the problems that they faced at home and school). Their responses are quite overwhelming;

Myself (the problem with them)
* selalu lepak
* kawan bawa jalan
* difficulty understand maths & sciences - because of payah
* selalu keboringan
* no motivation

Schools (the problem that they face at school)
* Selalu mengantuk
* becerita dalam class
* inda faham apa yang di ajar

* no place to study
* tidur selalu
* main game

These are some of the typical problems that are not only faced by students in AAC but also majority of the students. They do not have the motivation nor the vision to be a pelajar cemerlang. This is really sad! if these issues are not address soon...these students will have difficulties in their future. Entry to higher institution is getting 'stricter'...and job is getting scarce (off course competition is very stiff)..those without a good (minimum 5 'o' levels) qualification will faced a difficulty task in getting a good job...

My advised is study hard get a good results, go to University and get a good job!...


students from PJN Abu Bakar, Mumong. Unfortunately, they are not in the top 10 schools in the final round

Students from St. Angela, Seria

students getting ready for the competition

The judges from UBD & MTSSR

The challenge trophy...

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Brunei eXtreme Skateboard competition - Brunei Open

The last day of the Brunei extreme skateboard competition with Brunei open to end the glorious 2 days event. Totally flabbergasted seeing enthusiast skaters brightening the atmosphere of the competition...really make my day! being working straight for the whole week - it does cheer me up.

This post is dedicated to all the 'happy faces' that make my day a memorable one...

a dedicate team of young hard working OGDCians

Najib...king of shuffler...eheheh terkenang semasa muda-muda dulu

the judges....

top 10 skaters goin' to the final round

The DJ

The MC...

Thank you to Rahim aka. mui for delivering these scrumptious cup cakes....

The youngest Brunei Open participant from Oman...

No pain no gain....

.....the art of falling down...once you fall, ...get-up, try and try again till you do it right. It's similar in is full of challenges there're lots of obstacles..face it with sabar and tabah..Never give up...

eager skaters..heheeheh

A lady from WARDROBE INC...

a professional photographer hehehe...from R-shot..

judging the competition

The prizes generously sponsored by OGDC to support the competition

In line skating taking BSB by storm

Roslan with his Nikon D80

The ladies from Oman...

Doing a 360 deg turn..(in line skating)

The Guest of Honour presenting souvenir to the judges for the competition

Winner of Belait Open

Winner of Brunei Open - received B$400.00 (i think) and a trophy

my model...

French graffiti artist showing-off his artistic talent..kudos for supporting the event

Boss & geng..terrorizing your greatness..eheheh

A happy bunch of people...

Life life to the fullest...

geng-geng skaters...

Maqnun again..hehehhe

The angels...tyrra (brown t-shirt) with the gangster

....the spectators aka. fanatic

rejoicing after 2 days of hardwork

Brunei top models..eheheheh

remind me of Barbie Doll heheheeh....thanks for the smile

Like the hair...I used to have 'it', i mean the hair...when I was young...

the twins from Arab Families...