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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Syawal datang lagi 2009

Dalam kerendahan hati ada ketinggian budi,
Dalam kemiskinan harta ada kekayaan jiwa,
Dalam kelembutan lidah ada keterlanjuran kata,
Dalam gurau dan senda tentu ada khilaf dan dosa..

**Selamat Hari Raya Adil Fitri Maaf Zahir & Batin**

DI LANGIT SYAWAL - Anjungbuana

Bermula gema takbir ke puncak mesra,
Semilir angin di langit syawal membawa hawa harum,
Ranum mengalir mekar ke dasar hati,
Sesungguhnya renyai hujan idulfitri adalah nikmat yang paling padat dan pada-Nya kita menumpkan harapan suci,
Seikhlas hati, sehalus budi.

Maaf bermaaf daripada Mohamad Rajap, Erni Jalius, Md Adi Fikri & Keluarga
My crib illuminated by neon lights & pelita on the eve of Hari Raya Adil Fitri or Eid

The 1st day of Syawal
Monday, 21 Sept 2009

Lesson learnt from last make sure to arrive early before bermula sembahyang hari raya at 7.30am. Last year..datang akhir and ended up inda sembahyang...

As usual, every year massive jammed goin' out of the mosque....

Spotted this dude...while I'm buzy maneuvering myself out from the mosque..

Next destination tanah perkuburan orang Islam, Batu 3 after a quick pit stop at the house to pick up my mom........

menziarah perkuburan

making a small profits selling ayeng asah2an...

my nephews

menuang ayeng asah2an at my late dad's grave...

our first open house for the 1st day of hari raya....

my mom...lecturing my nephews which, can be very handful

my brother & my tua (my mom's brother)

Tanah perkuburan Islam Ratan Labi...

graves of my late grand father & mother...

my tangah from Mulaut

From Labi..our journey continue to Kg. Sinaut, Tutong. My newly discovered cousins..heheheeh. Only know them for a year...

Apparently, these are my 2nd cousins...hmmmm, Never realise I got tonnes of cousins..

My sister in law with my tangah (my dad's 1st cousin)

my the end of the night...I'm already boated. Really need a hard work to shed those excess...

ending the 1st day of syawal with a big bang

Friday, September 18, 2009

Tears in our eyes: Dyg Hasnah bte Abdullah

Date: Friday, 18 Sept 2009
Venue: Kg. Jabang, Seria
Time: 2.15pm

This afternoon we visited the house of a 66 years old converts, Dyg. Hasnah bte Abdullah. This is another story that's shed tears in our eyes. Her husband passed away a month ago and she has no children or relatives. Currently, living in a run down house in the middle of an illegal squatter area in Kg. Jabang, Seria which she called home. The house has no electricity or water supply.

In order to support herself, she works as a cleaner (7 days a week) at Gerai Salera, Seria with a small salary of B$10/day. With no fixed income and no support from family ,gov't agencies or NGOs, she has to live 'on' what she has.

Dyg. Hasnah bte front of the house that she called home

....the road leading to her house...

Her bed with mosquito netting

A small TV powered by car battery. The house does not have electricity nor water supply.

The kitchen

This is where she does her washing using rain water

We do have difficulty going to the house...

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Penyerahan Derma untuk fakir miskin - kg. mumong

Alhamduillah another kerja amal was carried out during bulan ramadan tahun ini ie. the distribution of barang -barang keperluan dapur kepada 6 keluarga fakir miskin yang berada di kg. mumong, kuala belait.

We really appreciate the support of Ketua Kg. Mumong, Hj Yusof bin Hj. Dulamin and those who donates food stuffs, monies, time & energy to help distribute the barang-barang. Every year (for the past 10 years) posed a challenge for us not only physically but also emotionally. And each year the number of fakir miskin are increasing....why? I let you all to think for yourself...

Liza interviewing the old lady...

The old lady was explaining...who much she earned in a month. She received contribution from fakir miskin & pencen tua...