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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Majlis Perkhawinan Dyg Hartini & Ak Azlan Shah

At last, I finally managed to upload photo for the bersanding ceremony for Hartini & Ak Azlan. Its really hard to write'something' at my current condition...'sakit bangat' <- attack by flu virus. It's not only me but few other colleagues of mine suffered as well.

So kecian...will need to find the culprit that spread the disease around. Yesteday, Sunday, 29 March 2009 attended Hartini & Ak Azlan wedding ceremony at Kg. Sg. Taring, Lumut.

Will update later...
Tumpang -in keta Maqnun with Bollat and myself as the passanger. This is the 1st time with guys goin' out together....

The peyambut tetamu lelaki. Where the colour green is the symbol for the bride's family.

Hj Abdullah (centre)..from Nurfah Catering. (kira promo hehehe. With the penyambut tetamu..

The bride's family members....

Hartini...preparing for her big day....


The pelamin....

The duo from Musfada Enterprise

Guests were entertained by traditional music....from puak Belait

A father & son tag-team...(father & brother of the bride) a good job for event managed the wedding.

(far right) ....the youngest daughter from Hj Mahmud clan...a splitting image of Hartini..

VIP guest..Dato Mat Suny & son

Hj Zainal in the house....

Hj Yusof, Ketua Kg. Mumong....(photo centre)

Remind me of the flamingo dancer..heheehhehe

Deputy Minister of Education....

Arrival of the groom....and entourage

Beautiful ladies....cant missed this opportunity to take this shot

The groom with his bodyguard...heheeh

Boys carrying the bunga manga

Raja sehari....he really looks like one...

Gangsters from PJN..hehehehe really look awesomely dashing...

Basuh kaki...adat puak Belait. For those yang basuh kaki you really need to put money on the bakul that are prepared. I really admire this old tradition...even though I'm not from puak Belait, I'm goin' to adopt this for my wedding. This is another way of overcoming 'kegawatan' economi. Note: the basuh kaki is adat puak tutong not puak belait as reported..eheheheh.


Beautiful ladies....thanks ladies for posing...

Father & mother of the bride

Syazali Red...cant go anywhere without her weapon

The happily married couple..semoga berbahagia sehingga ke akhir hayat


When the whole world is buzy for the count down to Earth hour...I am buzy at Dewan Kemasyarakatan Kg. Pandan for Merdekarama - sempena Jubli Perak Hari Kebangsaan, Negara Brunei Darussalam. Unfortunately, the lights at Dewan Pandan were brightly lit the whole nite...havent had the chance to see 'if' the lights really goes off.

Kudos to thoses who really switch-off their lights in supporting WWF Earth hours...

The below excerpt was taken from the prog. book...on the concept of the prog.

Konsep program Merdekarama 2009

Program MERDEKARAMA adalah bersempena dengan sambutan Jubli Perak Hari Kebangsaan Negara Brunei Darussalam. Program ini berorientasikan patriotisme dan pemberigaan isu-isu semasa negara dan kerajaan melalui platform persembahan pentas yang disesuaikan dengan tema Hari Kebangsaan iaitu 'KEDEWASAAN BERNEGARA'.

Matlamat utama program MERDEKARAMA adalah untuk menyampaikan maklumat semasa mengenai Negara melalui mesej-mesej, mendidik dan memberikan hiburan. Program ini juga untuk menggerakkan masyarakat dan lain-lain agensi supaya lebih aktif dan berperanan dalam sama-sama merayakan dan memeriahkan sambutan Jubli Perak Hari Kebangsaan Negara Brunei Darussalam.

Meeting them remind me of the good all days at OGDC...seen them everywhere covering news for RTB -Daerah Belait and still couldnt recall their names. :(

Kumpulan Hadrah dari Kg. Pandan...

Maqnun & Nani....friends from way way back....

Cikgu Affandy Ketua Kg. Pandan C & Cikgu Mohammad Rajab...penyair dan penyajak yg boleh dikatakan famous di Brunei ani..ehehehhe :)

Lovely ladies from RTB Kuala Belait...

Persembahan hadrah..

Pegawai-pegawai Masjid Daerah Belait

Nani & friend (if I'm not mistaken she's working in Jabatan Penerangan...)

Distribution of mini flags to the audience....

Patriotic spirit

The MCs..Dj Duffy & (really forgot her name)...I was buzy snapping here & there havent got the chance to listen who's who participating in Merdekarama

AkAmilin & ladies singing Merdeka Brunei Darussalam...

Sketsa Drama bertajuk - Nargis Rumahtangga.

cikgu Mohammad Rajab reciting his sajak...

cikgu Mohammad Rajab and Ketua Kg. Pandan A, Hj Malik reciting sajak...

A close-up of the ladies......

Cikgu Nani & her students from PJN Abu Bakar...the students were performing a traditional dance

Dj Duffy & Maqnum...promised Duffy I wont change colour of his hair this time...eheheheheh

Dj Duffy a proud father ...showing off photo of his new born son - Mohd Mikael < - correct me if salah...on the spelling..
Kumpulan 69 - Beracun & Paci...with their hilarious comedy. The audience really get the kick from their performance.

audiences were selected to participate in the quiz. The quiz were fairly straight forward but the torture from kumpulan 69 was really unbearable..eheheheh kecian meliat durang kana torture..hahahahah but it was definitely hilirious. I rather not be up on stage to be torture by these guys....inda kira bebaik hadiah nya steady-steady.

The guest of honour of the Merdekarama - Belait District Officer giving away prizes to the winners of the quiz competition