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Monday, April 27, 2009

AAC's Leadership camp: Adventure to Pulau Pelumpong

Another day, another adventure and another new beginning... Never thought I'll organising another leadership camp since my abrupt departure from OGDC about 3 months ago. If I am not mistaken the last leadership camp I organised was sometime in March last year. Its a 4 days & 2 nights camp, where the 2 days was spent in Outward Bound, Temburong. But for this year leadership camp for Maktab Anthony Abell, Seria, I'm only able to coordinate a 2 days 1 night camp. (Well! that's the only free time I could spend...), If I'm in OGDC that's will be a different matter - its part of work. But, now kira a freelance consultant!

The 2 days camp started on 25 April and ended on 26 April 2009 and coordinated by myself and facilitated by Outward Bound Brunei Darussalam. 32 students from form 4 & 5 and 4 teachers participated in the camp. The objectives of organising the camp is to nurture leadership skills amongst the participating students.

Group photograph...

Its nice to see the happy faces..hahahah. Wait till they start kayaking...

water confidence exercise before the start of kayaking.

takut sunburn...aku lagi steady my sun block rating nya SPF 70..hahaha kes takut hitam. I rather not posted my photo

trying to help the kids out of the water...

Listening to briefing by Hj Ruslan, from OBBD.

capsize! a tragedy that taught the kids the harsh reality of life

Cikgu Rosni & Cikgu Aziati

The students finally reached their destination - kem Teroka, Pulau Pelumpong after 10km kayaking...

Cikgu Sofian, Cikgu Rosni & Cikgu Aziati

Toilet...heheeheh. The island does not have any fresh water nor any toilet. If you are not comfortable of using this luxury toilet, you can dig your own 'toilet' heheeheh

Kem Teroka, Pulau Pelumpong. Really love the place - eventhough without basic necessities. A very good place to conduct team building activities - far from any civilization.

The students setting-up tents

Setting-up the tents are not easy...the most important ingredient is team work

constructing a 'kitchen'

we are only provided with 2 gas burners to light-up the dark camp site...this is what you call survival...

cooking! fortunately, the kids really know how to cook. The students are provided with basic raw materials and they have to used their cooking skills & talent to cook!

Amazing they really know how to cook. esp. rice. I'm really impressed! Kudos guys.


Making breakfast...

Another team building before the start of 2nd day kayaking back to Serasa.