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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

World Wide Photo Walk-Kuala Belait

Sat, 18 July 2009

I'm suppose to upload these photos usual laziness strikes and I rather face booking which is really addictive....

This is the 2nd world wide photo walk organised by Brunei Photograph enthusiasts lead by Hj Yusof. I was told that about 50 photographers participate in the walk and about over 32,600 photographers participate in the walks around the world. To find out more about the world wide photowalk check out this website..

ps: I did not finished the walk..left the event about 8.30am and dashing off to JPD renewing my driving which expired months back eheheheh nasib baik nda kana tangkap for driving without valid driving license.

The programme

6.30am - Gather at Tugu cendra Kenangan, KB
- short briefing by Hj. Yusof
- group photograph
- start of event

The walk cover 4.3 kms in about 2 hours. Starting at Tugu Cendra Kenangan and ended at Serikandi Restauran. (see map for detail)

The photo walk route...

TV personalities from RTB KB covering the event

Hj. Yusof talking to participants for the walk

Hj. Yusof interviewed by RTB

Husini Bakar aka Kantalensa

Pg. Azmi aka Mr. Gembo

crew from RMF covering the event onbehalf of RTB

Leslie travelling all the way from Bandar participating for the photowalk

This is suppose to be a group photograph...only manage to capture 2/3 org saja...

Jan Shim at the background...another professional shooter...

Leader from Arab families clan....shaikh Khalid

a truly professional shooter..heehehh Reda aka Anak Brunei

These are the pro. Well! I'm still not in par with them. Look at their weapons big & long..heheeheh

Cikgu Dayang....

Wearing mask is an option..hehehe. The guys heading to town from Cendra Kenangan..

Armed with a DSLR - you can be as creative as you want to be....

Pasar KB....

Monday, July 20, 2009

My Cousins Wedding...

Looking back at backlogs of photos...making me emotionally stress out..hahahah. Did promised few people that I'll upload their photos....sorry guys! been so buzy lately and havent the slightest mood to upload any photos for the past couple of weeks.

Trying to save time...I'll upload photos of my cousins wedding which was taking place last month! (...really forgot the dates).

1) The wedding of Sufian Omarali @ Ban 3, Sengkurong

My tangah Hj. Omarali OK Hj. Saman & wife the groom's parent

Akmal Omarali....

Tasya (right) + ?

Sofian Omarali

Iskandar Hj. Yahya

My families

Surprisingly these beautiful ladies are my cousin heheehe...just knew them

Sofian + sister.. Just knew that they are my cousins...


2) The wedding of Nana Hj. Arasi @ R.P.K.N Mumong, Kuala Belait

The newly cousin + husband

Cutting the wedding cake...

Family - Imam Hj. Isa - Imam Masjid Katimahar

My cousins....

Nurul & Boy friend