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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Tragedi di sawah padi

This happen sometime in February during padi harvesting season ........... I will get a head butt from my cousin after publishing these photos. I'm laughing my head off right now and I dont think I can even write anything...hahahahahah. To my cousin I'm truly sorry for publishing the photos but couldnt help myself... this is an incident that does teach us a beautiful lesson...jan tah b eksen masa mengatam padi..heheeh

sawah padi my uncle....this is the first time after so many years mengatam padi.

At a glance...I would be able to mengatam padi for hours & hours and nothing could be more therapeutic than this.

A thought occur to me that....if I were to resign from my job right now, I would become a farmer...hmmmmmmm

....arghhhhhh!!!! so hot....I only last for 15mins and can barely filled the tekiding with padi. hahaha. 15mins mengatam is like jogging for 1 hour.

my beloved cousin..heheheeh








my dear uncle with stunt woman...

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Go PINK Brunei foodies in support Brunei Breast Cancer Support Group

First and foremost, I am glad to be back blogging after months of absent. I can see cobwebs on my blog. It's really been that long! I have been constantly reminded for new updates?..its not that I'm running out of stories but got tonnes of stories to upload but its just pure and simple laziness from my part.... a lame excuse. I promise myself, once I got a new iMac, I'll start updating my blog and here I am! But off course, after constant pestering & reminding from others....

My first post for 2010 is on the Go PINK Brunei foodies event that was held on Sunday, 11 April 2009 at Casa Esperanza. The project was the brain child of non-other than yours truly "Senior Pablo". The success of last year 'My Favourite Recipes Book' for Brunei Special Olympic team prompted yours truly to do Go PINK Brunei Foodies....

To find out more about the initiative click on the following links. The following statements are excerpt from World of Pablo, Chitty Chat and Brunei Breast Cancer support Group.

Now why are the foodie bloggers doing this PINK project? Well, the Brunei Foodies says that apart from being the most delicious colour, pink is also the colour associated with raising the awareness for breast cancer. The disease has affected some 400 people in Brunei and these are not confine to the ladies but men too.

Pink because we want the ladies in our lives to be aware of this disease and not be afraid to do regular check ups and seek treatment. Pink because we do not want these unfortunate ladies to be alone. Pink because we want to show them that we are supporting them. Pink because we care. Pink because we are working in support of the Brunei Breast Cancer Support Group.

Surprise with lot of response from the community in supporting Brunei Breast Cancer

Cili Queen...

Masjuwita signing the certificates of appreciation

Senor Pablo...busy running here & there making sure the event running smoothly.

...your earring are totally gorgeous...

Nonnie King, bobby & friend...

plentiful of mouth watering desserts....

Group photograph.... a short speech