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Sunday, December 30, 2007

..MY name is Froggie the Frog

Saturday, 29 December 2007. The Truth is OUT THERE........

Life is like chocolate chips cookies sometime they are more chocolate chips in a cookie sometime they are less (heheheh not even sure what it means but sound weird)...after the demise of Miss Najibma from an overdose of Menstrual pills. I have difficulty in finding the right people (.....stuff animal) to report on my behalf..but after weeks of endless searching I finally found the right people (....stuff animal).

...Miss Najibma you will be deeply missed....

Her name is...Miss Froggie the Frog, a tomboy who search for 'unreliable' information on behalf of Your Greatness. Her journalistic works tend to be biased and untrue. She lives alone with no animal friends and constantly bullied by Miko, Muffin & Pluffy (my bro's cats).

This is her story........ your greatness bedroom...

Behind a new art-deco lamp...look sexy & spunky....

...I had a bad fall-out with his greatness...sadistically tied-up to the bed pole..waaaaaaa!!!!! What will he do next...

...your greatness bathroom...this is my home from now on.

...your greatness perfumes wonder he always smell hot...hehehehe Liza (public enermy No.1 will be really jeles)

overview of his greatness sophisticated kitchen the only one in mumong..'cos nobody wants a kitchen like this..heheheh

...see! who wants a sophisticated kitchen like this....

overview of the dining room... Miko, Muffin &

I was nearly molested by muffin...

updating the blog....I bet c Along dengki lapas meliat blog ani......

Watching Ultraman with his of his favourite show...dont tell him I said so...eheheh. No wonder the youth nowadays have a hairstyle like ultraman....rupa nya idola...(macam Haziq heheheh)

...Gerai Bunga Simpur for a midnite snack....

....his greatness nephews & sister in law...

watching a lion dance practice at Chung Hua Middle school nearby to Gerai Simpur...

....I can leap from pole to pole.....biasa ler katak katakan...

hahahah....Kim from Livewire (one of the trainer for the Lion dance troupe)..malu tia he is in the lion dance business for a long time.. he can even transform to a lion...

....takut aku.... rupanya ada buaya arah lungkang ani....

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Part 4: Fire Fighting Awareness Prog.


This is the last activity for the Fire Fighting Awareness Programme. The Fire Fighter's Challenge was developed to;

  • promote fire fighter's day to day activities
  • promote team work
  • promote leadership capability
  • learned how fire fighter's rescue road accident victim suffering from spinal injury
  • build character.....
The challenges are divided into main 4 activities; which each group must complete the 4 activities inorder to win the Fire Fighter's Challenge award....
i) Road Traffic Accident (RTA)
ii) Smoke House - Search & Rescue
iii) Water Target drill
iv) Hose Run exercise

Briefing prior to the start of the Fire Fighter's Challenge

Siti Fatimah explaining how to use the immoblizer - for transporting casualty with spinal injury

show & tell...use proper procedure when handling casualty

Little bro mirul & Shafiq...doing the hose run.

Preparation before entering the smoke house..Najib, as the team leader must ensure his team is prepare rescue a casualty from a burning building

learning how to use the fire work work

The right techniques when when using the hose when putting-off the fire

...under the watchful eyes of the fire fighter

....testing the water

Bebeng & Mui...this is how it feels behind bar..

Siti Fatimah showing how to 'pasang' the collar support

Putting-in the collar...for victim suffering from spinal injury

the casualty must be handle with care

..basahkan rambut c Haziq gawd!! his ultraman hairstyle still survive even after submerge under water....

playing with foam....

Haqiz..aka master Yoda..thrown into the pool...heheeh

Bomba Brunei Shell recruits end of training....

receiving certificate from Sham Khairuddin

His hair still stands....

a memory that will last of a life time....

Presentation of prize to the winner by Hermmie

Words of advised by Sham Khairuddin Chief Fire Officer on safety...

*** THE END ***

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Part 3: Fire Fighting Awareness Prog

The next activity - the Obstacle Course - The Casualty Race. The objective - each group needs to transport their casualty (in a stretcher) through various obstacles. Team work will play an important role in this race.

Briefing on the rules & regulation

Hemmie showing participants what they have to do...

The group needs to choose one of their team member as a casualty

..this is how it should be done...transport the stretcher under the fence

Hafiz, little bro Mirul & Along....Along. paning ku eh! karang aku plang jadi casualty

Bomba Shell fire fighters.... run run

transporting casualty across the muddy field

...if the fire fighters can do this so can we

(From left) Saedon, Bebeng & Mui. Saedon...bebeng kalau ko payah memigang...aku pigang kan...heheheheeh

biar basah yang penting...our casualty selamat

.....becareful guys we dont want the casualty to fall-off the stretcher..

Along...relaxing on the Massage chair....

hey kids...dont play with the casualty...ehehehehh

...the future Bomba Shell fire fighters

Along, Qawi & aspiring fire truck drivers

Farah, Maria & Nehai....baik tah relax, karang kepisan aktiviti nya