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Monday, October 4, 2010

Tears in my Eyes - Ramadhan 2010

Alhamduillah, semasa di bulan Ramadhan berkesempatan menghulurkan bantuan dari segi barang2 keperluan dapur kepada 11 keluarga fakir miskin di kg. mumong, seria, & Sg. Teraban. Di harapkan bantuan yang telah di hulurkan dapat membantu meringankan bebanan mereka semasa di Hari Raya.

Terima kasih kepada mereka yang menghulurkan derma dari segi wang ringgit & barang2 keperluan dapur dan juga tenaga membantu keluarga yang susah dan hanya Allah saja yang dapat membalas jasa & budi biskita. Amin

Ikhlas daripada,

Iskandar Hj. Alias

Family 1

This family live in a store - size 4ft x 4ft. They have been living in this appalling condition for the past 3 years. The family father, mother & a 1 year old baby (suffering from down syndrome)

The bed room - consist only of a single bed and situated beneath the toilet. At times, water from the toilet drips down. This posed a health problem to the family.

The kitchen located outside the room...

No toilet or showering facilities, which is clearly visible to the neighbours.

Sewage piping....

Family 2

Family 3

Family 4

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Anthony Abell College Nite Classes 2010

Activity: AAC nite classes
Date: May - July 2010
Venue: library
Time: 7.30 - 9.00 pm (every tue & wed)
Facilator: Volunteers & AAC teachers

AAC nite classes or rather Intensive Study prog. is a nite study program jointly organised by the school and group of volunteers. The main objective of the prog. is to help form 5 students prepare for their upcoming 'O' level exams as well as giving opportunity for other students (year 7 - 9 students) to study together. I acknowledge that not all students have nice cosy 'room' of their own to study, esp. those having a large family and staying in a crowded barrack. This prog. provides opportunity for these students to do revision as well their school works,.

Volunteers comprise of BSP/BLNG personnel who have contributed their times and energy to see our young generation excel in their studies.

This was the last nite class for 2010. The night classes were supposed to be conducted last year but due to outbreak of H1N1, the classes was postponed.

Initially, it was a struggle for us (the volunteers) especially helping out students doing their POA homework....all of us are engineers by profession and accounting is not our cup of tea.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Perkhemahan Motivasi Sekolah AAC 5 - 6 Jun 2010

After months of preparation, the big day (the camp!) is finally here. The weather was fabulous (offcourse dark clouds lingering over our heads), teachers and students are happily chipping and me, as usual snapping here & there.

Luckily, I was only 'there' as an adviser & facilitator for the Technology Challenge prog. during the AAC's camp. This is my 3rd year with with AAC' conducting activities for students. More activities will be organised in the coming AAC students watch out this space!...

I have been organising camp for the past 7 years and even before joining OGDC. Now, I only limit my roles as an Adviser or facilitating in 1 or 2 activities.

First and foremost, thank you to Hj Mahmud for his willingness to conduct team building activities for the students eventhough, he is on leave.

No more organising camp so, no more stress, no worries, no high blood pressure ensuring the camp runs smoothly, this is the life that I want to live.

A two-day motivational & leadership camp organised by Maktab Anthony Abell for 60 Year 11 students, was held from 5 - 6 June 2010 at the Oil & Gas Discovery Centre (OGDC), Seria.

The camp aimed to encourage students to strive towards excellence, to provide a platform that would enable them to develop their self-esteem and discipline as well as training the students to be independent by equipping them with knowledge and social skills.

At the camp, students learnt to improve their ability to communicate with one another via ice-breaking activities as well as strengthening their capacity for teamwork by taking part in team-building activities.

Teachers are busy preparing for the arrival of the students

Opening speech by Cikgu Omar Arif, deputy principal for Academic.

the students are asked to create their group jingle

The War Game Technology Challenge competition - The Catapult. Students are task to design & construct a catapult that is capable in launching a 'ping pong' ball on to a target...

As Technology Challenge is an engineering base activities - students have to remember 3 things 1) Brainstorm - where the students need to collectively come with an idea 2) Design the propose machine 3) Construct

Technology challenge also helps to develop leadership quality as well as team work

The competition - launching the ball on a specified target

Ice Breaking & Team Building activities conducted by Hj Mahmud Masron

The Project Run away Activity

Students are asked to design & create clothes out of a garbage bag.

Team work is really crucial in order to achieve the program objective

Top Brunei male Models

The team showing-off the clothes they design