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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Anthony Abell College Nite Classes 2010

Activity: AAC nite classes
Date: May - July 2010
Venue: library
Time: 7.30 - 9.00 pm (every tue & wed)
Facilator: Volunteers & AAC teachers

AAC nite classes or rather Intensive Study prog. is a nite study program jointly organised by the school and group of volunteers. The main objective of the prog. is to help form 5 students prepare for their upcoming 'O' level exams as well as giving opportunity for other students (year 7 - 9 students) to study together. I acknowledge that not all students have nice cosy 'room' of their own to study, esp. those having a large family and staying in a crowded barrack. This prog. provides opportunity for these students to do revision as well their school works,.

Volunteers comprise of BSP/BLNG personnel who have contributed their times and energy to see our young generation excel in their studies.

This was the last nite class for 2010. The night classes were supposed to be conducted last year but due to outbreak of H1N1, the classes was postponed.

Initially, it was a struggle for us (the volunteers) especially helping out students doing their POA homework....all of us are engineers by profession and accounting is not our cup of tea.

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