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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Dinner with PJN Gangsters

Today was really visitors visiting OGDC from morning t0 afternoon and havent got time to even rest..hahah...really exhausting berabis. Will be back with more updates after my long rest...

The gangsters cordially invited 'your greatness' for dinner at Excapade, pandan. I think those yang duduk the next table cant withstand the gangsters 'malicious' laugh..ehehheeh..this is their ways of chilling out after exams....
The gangsters...Adri, Izzat, Haziq, Hakeem, Aimy, Alimin, Nazmi & not sure siapa kan nama...

(from left), nazmi, cuzen c limin & Alimin. My gawd! Alimin...the nite wont be fun without him...

Adri & the banana head Haziq..ehehehehehehe

Menu = Adri + Izat - renungan tajam + lambat jua memilih heheheeheh

Aimy....messaging the waiter to bring the food

Alimin showing off to the guys how be Mr Bean... :)

Empat pemuda kelaparan..hahahahaah

Adri...trying to solve the rubik cube...

Izzat....trying to break the rubik cube..eheheheh

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Closing ceremony for AAC's Kem, Dinner & Visit by SM Sains Bkt Tinggi Johor

Been so buzy lately and havent got the chance to really seat down and update my blog. I'll upload random photos of the past events....

Kem Menuju Kecemerlangan 2008 - Closing Ceremony (Sun, 24 Aug)

teachers....happily posed for your greatness

Thinking & communication skills....exercise, where each group are require to present their proposal

Vance Tan....'your greatness' PA...hahahahhhahaah

Cikgu Asmah, Timbalan Pengetua Akademic

Hakeem...he does reminds me of 'soldier boy'...

Dinner at Kate's Restaurant

Treat the guys for dinner at Kate's appreciation dinner for the guys for working hard helping to set-up the tents...

Visit by SM Sains Bukit Tinggi Johor, Malaysia

Rauf (right)..with Rahim as his body guard..ehheehehehehhe. Rauf wished is for 'his greatness' to be is brother-in-law....:)

Rauf explaining the inner working of the exhibit..steady udah ia, boleh keja d OGDC nie...

Students from SM Sains, Bukit Tinggi Johor. I did propose to PJN principal for PJN students to wear baju batik warna pink...every time they organise a field trip..hahahahah

Cikgu Marina...PJN mama's gangster

Trying out the puzzles...

not sure who she is..hahahahah....sasat kali dari Johor...

tekajutan....meliat...your greatness....

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Kem Menuju Kecemerlangan Day 1

131 students from AAC + Adventure + Edutainment = 2 days & 1 nite camp (from 23 - 24 Aug'08) dedicated for form 3 students....this is the 1st ever camp that have been organised by the school supported by OGDC as part of the 'sekolah angkat' project.

Day 1 Programmes
* Registration
* Ice Breaking & Team building
* Thinking & communication skills
* Setting-up tents
* Motivational seminar
* Performance competition
* End of prog. building activity....sound of the rain

heheheeheh....a bunch interesting kids

ice breaking

setting-up tents

setting-up tents are not easy as you might think. The boys helping out the girls with the tents....

(Left) Cikgu Janet, will be replacing Lim as the new Head of Educations & Programmes and Aisah (OGDC facilitator)

Musicians in the house

Teachers....enjoying their refreshment after a hard day at work


the future OGDCians

Hasrol, half OGDCian half AAC teacher & Daniel

Pijah...& fren

Teacher showing the signs of Love

My gawd!...paparazzies stalking 'Your Greatness'... Liza Mohd & Alldark

AAC's mafia...heheheheheh

girls power...ehehehhe

OGDCians helping out the teachers to set-up tent...

Cikgu Rahagi, (principal) turun padang helping out the students.....a role model for the teachers...

...going camping or on vacation...

Motivational talk by OGDCians...Faizal & Zair worked as OGDC part-timers before continuing their studies to UK. Graduated in 2007, now Faizal a full pledge Mechanical Engineer and Zair a Civil Engineer working for BSP

Vance..a new addition to OGDC family. Presenting his techniques on how to get 8 'As' for PMB.

a new trend in fashion....

Vance..signing autographs...might do another session with the students...on a prog. called "A day with Vance Tan" heheheeh

The night ends with performance competition....amongst participating students