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Sunday, November 25, 2007

My trip to Seoul, Korea Part 6: Way Forward

18 November 2007

The 3rd day and the final day of the conference.

My gawd!!! cold ler....luckly I bring my thermal underwear..hehehe

Prof. Srinivasan Krishnan, Join Director Ministry of Environment & Forests, Govt. India presenting his paper on Popularization of Science in Southern India: Efforts and Evaluation

Lunch with the rest of the delegates

Palace guards at Kyungbok Palace...

Sunday, November 18, 2007

My trip to Seoul, Korea Part 5: The Challenges

17 November 2007

The programmes on the 2nd day of the conference was filled-pack with presentations. The topic for today session is - Science Education for Youth. A topic that I am passionate about. When talking about 'science' in Brunei - how far have we gone to promote science amongst our community? Honestly, when comparing us with the rest of the world we are 'quiet' far behind. Even though our education system is the best compare to some countries but we have not yet reach the same stage or level in creating successful scientists, researchers, engineers, etc. Countries such as South Korea, Japan, Malaysia & Singapore have yield a successful result developing science-human resources. Look at Malaysia - they got their first astronaut/cosmonaut. But for us...who knows when!.....

Statistically, there's a diminishing interest among young people in taking science courses or going into scientific or technical fields. This trend is resulting in low quality and quantity of science-human resources, and it could eventually result in declining of a society-wide level of science literacy. This issue was also iterated by Brunei Darussalam, Deputy Minister of Industry and Primary Resources, Dato Paduka Hamdillah Hj. Abd Wahab during the opening of Universiti Brunei Darussalam's 4th Science and Technology Week on 27 June 2007.

In his speech he mentioned that the shortage of students going for science and mathematics will deal a blow to Brunei's bid to acheive a more diversified and knowledge-based economy.

What is the role of Science Centre in promoting science?

In the key not speech by Dr. Doe Sun Na, President of Korea Science Foundation, I quote "The most important strategy for the popularization of science is strong science education in grade schools. In addition, we need to include extracurricular experience-based education, and continuing education, based in Science Centres"

The role of Science centres in popularization sciences culture cannot be taken lightly. Science Centres complement the existing education system through the Hands-on and minds-on concept.

3 importance facts about Science Centres:

i) Science centres connect people with Science.
ii) Science centres provide firsthand experience.
iii) Science centre encourage curiosity.

Day 2 - Programmes. Session 3: Science Education for Youth

- Key Lecture: Issues and problems of Science Education and Gifted Education in Science in Korea by Prof. Hye-Ae Seo, Dept. of Science Education, Gyeongsang National Univerisity, Korea

- Science Education for Youth: How to Implement the Cognitive Domain, Effective Domain and Psychomoter Domain through the Learning Activities at Science Centre for Education, Thailand by Mrs Orawan Chanapolagrai, Office of the

- Non-Formal Education Commission, Ministry of Education, Thailand
Human Resources in Science & Technology and Science Edcuation by Prof. Hyea Sook Ryoo

heheheheh....the highest recognition I ever wanted with out taking my PHD.

(From Left) Mr Chee-kuen Yip, Chief Curator, Macao Science Centre, your greatness, Mr Yoslan Nur, UNESCO. (When Yoslan first wrote to me - inviting for the conference, he wrote Yang Bermulia Iskandar..hehehehehe. He is an indonesian, living in Paris for the past 15 years)

Dr. Noor Mohammed Butt, Chairman of Pakistan Science Foundation (PSF) - delivering his presentation on Fostering role of Science Culture in Knowledge-based Society: Science Popoularization in Pakistan

Dr. Noor Mohammed Butt is one of Pakistan Think-Tank in popularization of Science and a good friend of our ex-minister of Education.

Dr. Muhammad Ibrahim, Executive Director, Centre for Mass Education in Science. Delivering his presentation in People's Science Movement in Bangladesh. Dr Muhammad Ibrahim is also a Physic professional in Bangladesh University. An interesting facts - two of his brothers are Nobel laureate winners.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

My trip to Seoul, Korea Part 4: The Conference

16 November 2007

Asia-Pacific Regional Forum on the Popularization of Science: The Role of Science Culture in the Knowledge-based Society. organised by Korea Science Foundation and UNESCO

Dr. Doe Sun Na, President of Korea Science Foundation in her opening remarks said that, I quote "The general public being able to understand science and technology is also an important factor in the development of society. For example, if citizens understand scientific issues, this will help them to recognise the problems that are the focus of the global community, such as environment and energy issues, and work together to address them"

Keynote speech by Director, Science Policy and Sustainable Development Division, Natural Sciences Sector, UNESCO

The programmes includes presentation by;

- Paper1: Popularization of science- the Indian experience by Prof. Ingit Kumar. Director General, National Council of Science Museum
- Paper2: Science & Popularization of Science in the World, Particularly in the Arab World by - Prof. Tahar Gallali. Former Director, Cites des Science et Arts, Tunis
- Re-thinking Multiple roles of Science Centres & Museums by Dr. Sook-Kyoung Cho, Korea Science Foundation

The full pack programmes help participants to understand the difficulties in popularization S & T and how we can help each other...



Prof. Arie Budiman, Senior Scientist, The Indonesian Institute of Sciences. Autograph his book (dedicated to me) on Membaca Gerak Alam Semesta - Mengenali Jejak Sang Pencipta. The relationship of science and Islam.

...a very popular book in Indonesia and use as a reference for science enthusiast

Friday, November 16, 2007

My trip to Seoul, Korea Part 3: The Adventure begins

15 November 2007

Arrived in Incheon International Airport, Seoul 6.30 am local time (5.30 am Brunei time). Temperature is about 5 deg C. Really freezing cold. The journey from Incheon to Seoul took near an hour...fall asleep all the way. Manage to get a glimpse of shop houses on the way to Seoul.


Seoul Plaza hotel, one of the oldest hotel in Korea. Situated in the heart of Seoul and surrounded by shopping malls and markets.

My small tiny room.....fully loaded with internet access (expensive connection fee) and satellite TV

Nice cosy toilet with bathtub

View from my room (11 floor)...buzzling with shoppers...

My kind of shopping mall where I did most of my shopping...heheh

One of the many markets where I bought souvenirs for friends, enemies & OGDCian...ehheeh. Nda cukup duit so sini saja bali....

Art Gallery

Luv this view....

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

My trip to Seoul, Korea Part 2

5 hrs before departure

Today is a really bad day... woke up with a terrible headache, sore throat and running nose. Last night I never thought I'm suffering.... considering I am flying off today.

Last minit bro's cat muffin insist to be pack as well

7,30am - Panaga Health Centre

This morning I dash off to Panaga Health Centre...see if the doctor can give me a quick fix to my problem.....

Panaga Health Centre - receptionists. I promised them, their photos will be published in SALAM hehehehe

Azmi " .. kalau kan lakas baik makan tah semua ubat atu....)

11.30am - Brunei International Airport

While queuing to get my passport stamp....surprise to see Fauzi (bukan nama sebenar) OGDC ex-parttimer. Now working as immigration officer stationed at Brunei Int. Airport. What really caught my eyes (and very proud) and it is indeed an eye opener, the way he greets visitors with a smile and say thank you. I don't think I have ever seen any officers done that before....HOraaaay to Fauzi (bukan nama sebenar). Keep-up the good work....

secret shot....a dedicated officer at work....

Flight SQ 181 - Singapore Airline

Scrumptious lunch on board S'pore airline.....and ladies thanks for the Loccitane the vert eau de toilette....

2.30pm - Singapore Science Centre

Arrived S'pore about 2.30pm....took a cab and dash-off to Singapore Science Centre...and cost me about B$20.oo to get there. Havent been there for quiet some time...may be there're new ideas that I can bring back....

Admission charges...OGDC is cheaper by B$1.00

Water works park...OGDC should have one as well....

Very popular with children...

Example of a signage

Playmotion - virtual reality football. Hopefully, OGDC will have 1 next year...

Electric chair. It will be a nice addition to OGDC existing electric exhibits. It electrocute those who sits on it..heheeheh

A vase optical illusion a 2D version

A 2D optical illusion exhibit.

An interesting concept - whereby school students manned the puzzle booth and interact with visitors. This will help the students to improve their communication skills and at the same time build confidence. May be I should try this with our Bruneian students...let see if it works

Sunday, November 11, 2007

LIVEWIRE - Hari Raya Celebration

10 November 2007 @7.00pm

The last day of bulan syawal came to a close and we celebrate it in style. I might have missed out the fireworks at BSRC - but notin' can compare it when celebrating it with your good friends....Thank you to our comrades...Pg Radzuan, Steven, Audrey & Dina for such a wonderful evening.... will do it again next year.

Invited guests were entertained by persembahan guling tangan, Nashid, Street magic, karaoke, etc.

Kim and Audrey (Livewire supermodel) heheeh always looking beautiful

(From left to right) Dina (Livewire), Zair, Aiman & Ali

OGDCian & their foods....

Zair & the street magician...

Lepaking at TPH, Batu Bersurat after Livewire celebration while waiting for the rain to stop

Hilmy teaching us how to eat chicken wing the right way. A very weird fellow :)

Saturday, November 10, 2007

My trip to Seoul, Korea Part 1

I was very fortunate to be invited by UNESCO (United Nation Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) & Korea Science Foundation to attend Asia-Pacific Regional Forum for Popularization of Science - Fostering role of Science Culture in the Knowledge-based Society. The forum will be held in Seoul, Korea from 16 - 19 November 2007 at Seoul Plaza Hotel.

Only handful of key figures from Science Centres were invited...and the best part is to be given an opportunity to present a paper on "Science Education for Youth from OGDC perspectives"

Now to the serious side of business...things to prepare;

Prepare working paper. Done that.

Booked flight. Yap! done that as well. Business class all the way from Brunei - S'pore to Seoul and back.

Credit Card. Manage to cleared my Platinum visa card for shop till drop campaign. Note. to myself - to save money do not buy souvenirs for OGDC staff or friends esp. Princess N.

Info. from cikgu Sarimah (bukan nama sebenar) who is now in Seoul, Korea I quote, "weather now sajuk between 7-17 C. So pakai jacket tabal sikit kalau keluar. Its end of autumn...yellow, red and goldern leaves..lawa. According to weather forecast kan hujan in the coming week". Things that I like to hear, I quote, from Cikgu Sarimah "Your hotel is surrounded by shopping area..yang murah and branded" hehehehehe

In flight halal meal. Instead of requesting muslim meal I have decided to choose something different. S'pore airline offer Book the Cook service for First class and Business class traveller only. The service will let you choose wide selection of international menu for your meal.

For my journey to and from S'pore from Seoul, Korea I have chosen;
- Seared salmon escalope on a warm potato and snake bean salad. (Hopefully bukan ular)
- Lobster Thermidor, buttered asparagus and slow-rosted vine-ripened tomato and saffron rice.
- Pan-seared Chilean bass with bouillabaisse sauce, capsicum confit and kalamata olive potato.
- Wild mushroom and chorizo risotto in natural jus with arugula (not sure what it is..sure sound interesting..)

To be continue.......

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Food Feast

No photo malu eh!

Max and his fanatic fans. Advertising for Fruit Juice drink

....if we dont eat we malas kerja...mesti banyak makan...

hmmmm.....what to eat ah! after this...still hungry bah

Monday, November 5, 2007

My Nephew's Wedding

I rarely attend any wedding biasa ler either too buzy with work or can't get my butt out of the house but last weekend was a special case this is my nephew I am talking about. Honestly, its a weekend to remember and a stress-free as well...ahhhhhhhhhh!!! exhilarating.

Bersanding ceremony between Ilham Hj Mohammad & DK Masnah Pg. Ahmad

The beautiful bride & groom

Majlis suap-suapan

Please dont bite my finger ok!

During the ambil-ambilan ceremony the groom's family was given the privilage to lavishly dressed the bride with golds & bling-bling. I am not sure why? May be as a welcoming gesture as a new member to the family. This is not fair... Hey! what about the groom? Not fair ler like this....If it's my wedding I want watch (expensive one off course), and something that glitter and bling as well....

My brother (the one in the middle) with my nephews

My nephews & nieces